GROUPfitness Manager

Vacancy management, cost control, course management

GROUPfitness Manager at a glance

The GROUPfitness Manager is suitable for studios of any size for creating and managing courses. It is also affordable for small fitness studios or gyms. No matter whether small studio or chains of fitness studios - our license system fits them all.


Boost your profit now!

GROUPfitness Manager provides comprehensive statistical analysis on capacity and costs related to courses and trainers.


GROUPfitness Manager - Screenshot Cost ControlThe GROUPfitness manager completes administrative tasks, thereby freeing up capacities! At the same time, it can provide all the information on how cost-effective courses and studios are at the push of a button. Detailed analyses ensure your courses are profitable! The GROUPfitness manager calculates whether the participant numbers will cover the costs of your trainers.



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How long do you search for a replacement trainer?

GROUPfitness Manager facilitates the easy control of vacancies and can prevent course cancellations.


GROUPfitness Manager - Screenshot Vacancy ManagementThe GROUPfitness Manager helps you save time! With but one click all the work is done for you! If a trainer has to cancel a course, the GROUPfitness Manager automatically contacts all trainers qualified for the course via email or SMS - of course only if the trainer's schedule is free at the time the course takes place. The contacted trainers can take over the course immediately and directly - actual cancelled courses will become rather rare.


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Your advantages at a glance

Save time and money!
  • creating course schedules in a few steps
  • improved communication between trainers and studios when vacancies arise
  • evaluation of course capacity, course costs, trainer commitment

Easy to operate
  • intuitive user interface
  • already multilingual
  • integrated online support

Sophisticated but flexible
  • no need to install any software!
  • GROUPfitness Manager can be easily accessed via the Internet
  • licence system that suits any size of a studio